Gary Strandberg - Harrison 2017-18 Outstanding Volunteer

Gary Strandberg - Harrison 2017-18 Outstanding Volunteer

Mr. Gary volunteers on a regular basis in Mrs. Hunt’s kindergarten classroom. He meets with students to read aloud, work on early language skills and most importantly provides a positive interaction with a community adult. When he enters our classroom all students greet him with a “Hi Gary!” Even though he does not work with all students, he always recognizes the class with a smile and a wave. His calm, kind manner puts students at ease and they always go with him eagerly, ready to work on their language skills with him. On their return he usually gives the whole class a verbal compliment which means a great deal! This interaction with an adult from the community has a powerful effect. For students, it gives them one more opportunity for special one-on-one time, extra practice with building a trusted relationship, and extra practice with reading skills. For Mr. Gary, we hope he has gained an insight into Harrison school, young readers, and mostly how important he is to us here at Harrison!

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