Shane Dyson - Harrison Volunteer Hall of Fame - 2019 - 2020

2019-20 Harrison Volunteer Hall of Fame

Shane is one of the first to offer to volunteer for anything we need at Harrison. He knows the students by name, and they enjoy seeing him around the building, and is always willing to help them in any way he can. You can see him every day having lunch with students and going to recess with them. He has even gone out to purchase coats for kids that he has seen didn't have one. When we need something, he is there and willing to lend a helping hand sometimes on short notice. He has even been known to take out the recycling when it is overflowing. Shane is part of our PTA and helps with our clothes closet for the families, our "PTA cafe" in the teachers’ lounge for the teachers and you will always see him helping at the activities PTA puts on for our families at school or off site. He uses his creativity and wood working skills to help build different props for the functions. On Fridays he always brings snacks and drinks for the teachers and the cafeteria ladies. You will always see Shane with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. We are very grateful to have him here at Harrison and we appreciate everything he does.

All of the Cedar Rapids Community Schools Volunteer of Fame for 2019-2020

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